HS Prannoy Battles Health Issues, Aims to Regain Form for Paris Olympics

HS Prannoy Battles Health Issues, Aims to Regain Form for Paris Olympics

HS Prannoy, India's top-ranked shuttler, has been struggling with health issues that have impacted his performance in 2024. Despite his recent early round exits, Prannoy remains determined to regain his form ahead of the Paris Olympics.

In an interview earlier this year, Prannoy expressed his desire to continue his impressive run from 2023, where he achieved his career-best ranking of world No.6 and became the first Indian shuttler to qualify for the Paris Olympics. However, his performance in 2024 has been hindered by constant nausea, which has caused him to lose weight and experience breathing difficulties.

Prannoy's medical condition is similar to acid reflux, which he has suffered from in the past. The malfunctioning muscle lining his esophagus has prevented food from moving down properly, leading to vomiting. This has affected his training and on-court performance, as he has been unable to eat properly and has lost energy.

Despite his health challenges, Prannoy has shown signs of improvement in recent weeks. He played a crucial role in India's 5-0 victory over England in the Thomas Cup Group C clash, defeating world No.106 Harry Huang in straight sets.

Prannoy's win against Huang was a significant step in his recovery, as he aims to regain his touch before the Paris Olympics. He will face tougher battles ahead, including a match against 14-time champions Indonesia on Wednesday.

Prannoy's determination and resilience are evident in his efforts to overcome his health issues and regain his form. His performance in the upcoming matches will be crucial in determining his chances of success at the Paris Olympics.

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