Ashwin Slams England's Bazball Approach as "Defenseless Cricket"

Ashwin Slams England's Bazball Approach as

Ravichandran Ashwin, India's star spinner, has weighed in on England's controversial "Bazball" approach, which has sparked heated debates in the cricketing world. Ashwin, who emerged as the highest wicket-taker in the recently concluded five-match series against England, believes that Bazball is not merely about aggressive batting but also involves a lack of defensive strategy.

Ashwin expressed surprise at Joe Root, renowned for his impeccable batting technique, embracing the Bazball approach. "Bazball isn't just aggressive cricket. It is defenseless cricket," Ashwin stated on his YouTube channel. "They aren't going to play a defensive shot at all. They are going to get out if they play defense."

Ashwin also criticized England's overconfidence, particularly James Anderson's assertion that they could chase down a target of 600 in the second Test. "James Anderson went into a press conference and told the press that even if the 4th innings target was 500 or 600, we'll finish it in 60 overs," Ashwin said. "It felt like they had gone too far."

England's coach, Brendon McCullum, has acknowledged the need for adjustments to the Bazball approach. "Sometimes, you can get away with things," McCullum admitted. "But when you're exposed the way we have been in the back end of this series in particular, it does require some pretty deep thinking and some adjustment."

Ashwin's analysis highlights the complexities of the Bazball approach. While it has led to some spectacular victories for England, it has also exposed their vulnerability to disciplined bowling. The debate over Bazball is likely to continue as teams seek to find the right balance between aggression and defense.

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