Cricket Australia Rejects Claims of Ignoring Test Cricket Blueprint

Cricket Australia Rejects Claims of Ignoring Test Cricket Blueprint

Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley has refuted claims that India, England, and Cricket Australia have disregarded a proposal to safeguard Test cricket. A report in the Sydney Morning Herald alleged that the three influential boards dismissed a document drafted by New Zealand Cricket chair Martin Snedden, which suggested overhauling the future tours program (FTP) to preserve the longest format of the game.

Hockley vehemently denied these allegations, stating that ongoing discussions are centered on optimizing the calendar and fostering cricket's global growth. The proposed blueprint includes additional windows for T20 leagues beyond the Indian Premier League, modifications to the World Test Championship points system, 40-over ODIs, concerns about T20Is, and efforts to pool broadcast rights revenue for bilateral series.

Hockley emphasized Australia's commitment to supporting the ICC in ensuring the health of all three cricket formats. He highlighted the country's role in introducing the World Test Championship and its involvement in the ICC's FTP working group.

Hockley acknowledged the global expansion of cricket, citing the United States' embrace of the game and its co-hosting of the T20 World Cup with the West Indies later this year. He stressed the importance of a format strategy that accommodates all formats and fosters their coexistence.

Regarding the World Test Championship, Hockley emphasized its significance and Australia's unwavering support for men's Test cricket as its most valuable asset. He emphasized the need to enhance the prominence of the World Test Championship and ensure its economic viability in all territories.

Hockley concluded by highlighting the ongoing efforts to configure the calendar to accommodate all three formats. He emphasized the collaborative nature of these discussions, involving all ICC members, to ensure the continued growth and success of cricket worldwide.

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