Cricket Scotland Faces Fresh Crisis Over Misogyny and Prejudice

Cricket Scotland Faces Fresh Crisis Over Misogyny and Prejudice

Cricket Scotland's reputation has been further tarnished by the release of the McKinney Report, which exposes a pervasive culture of prejudice and misogyny within the organization. The report, commissioned after the damning "Changing the Boundaries" review in 2022, found that "antiquated attitudes and behavior towards women in the game are still prevalent, particularly at club level."

The 35-page report analyzed behaviors, cultures, and practices within Cricket Scotland over the past four years. It identified six key themes: culture and inclusion, leadership, general behaviors, employment practices and wellbeing, psychological safety, and sexism and misogyny.

The report's nine recommendations focus on addressing general behaviors, sexism, and misogyny. Cricket Scotland CEO Trudy Lindblade expressed deep regret and apologized to those affected by the organization's failures. She acknowledged the need for significant improvements to create a welcoming and safe environment for women and girls in cricket.

The report highlights the ongoing challenges faced by women in Scottish cricket. Despite the resignation of the entire Cricket Scotland board in 2022 following the "Changing the Boundaries" report, the McKinney Report indicates that progress has been slow.

Cricket Scotland has implemented some of the report's recommendations, including establishing a robust disciplinary and complaints process. However, significant work remains to be done by the governing body, regional associations, and clubs to eradicate misogyny, sexism, and discrimination from the sport.

The McKinney Report serves as a wake-up call for Cricket Scotland and the wider cricket community in Scotland. It underscores the urgent need for a fundamental shift in attitudes and behaviors to ensure that women and girls are treated with respect and dignity in the sport.

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