Dog Abuse at IPL Match Sparks Outrage from Animal Rights Activists

Dog Abuse at IPL Match Sparks Outrage from Animal Rights Activists

Animal Rights Activists Condemn Abuse of Dog at IPL Match

During an Indian Premier League (IPL) match between Gujarat Titans and Mumbai Indians at Ahmedabad's Narendra Modi Stadium, a distressing incident occurred involving a dog that inadvertently entered the field. A video of the incident has sparked outrage among animal rights activists.

The video shows the dog being chased by multiple individuals, including security personnel, as it attempts to evade them. The dog is seen being kicked and punched, causing it to react in self-defense.

PETA India strongly condemned the incident, calling it "reprehensible and 100% unsportsmanlike." The organization stated that the dog was likely frightened and confused, and that the repeated kicking and punching inflicted unnecessary cruelty.

"The dog might have felt compelled to react in self-defense due to the repeated kicking by every individual [it] encountered, including a police officer, and being punched and knocked down by a man," PETA India said.

The animal rights group emphasized that such treatment not only inflicts cruelty on the dog but also increases the risk of a tragic incident. They demanded that those involved face penalties or arrest, and that stadium authorities adopt humane methods for dealing with such situations.

Keren Nazareth, senior director of Companion Animal and Engagement at Humane Society International/India, highlighted that this was not the first time a dog had entered a cricket or football stadium. She emphasized the need for training for field staff on how to humanely remove dogs from such situations without harming them or others.

"We could definitely learn from some football matches where dogs have had a field day! The fact that we have lived by them for thousands of years, it is only fair that we start being more serious about understanding their behavior and compassionately finding solutions," Nazareth said.

Animal rights activists have called for accountability and a change in approach towards animals in such situations. They urge stadium authorities and law enforcement officials to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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