Gavaskar Blasts Sarfaraz Khan for Reckless Shot Selection

Gavaskar Blasts Sarfaraz Khan for Reckless Shot Selection

Sunil Gavaskar's fury erupted when Sarfaraz Khan recklessly threw away his wicket shortly after the tea break on day two of the fifth and final Test between India and England in Dharamsala. Making his third Test appearance, the 26-year-old Khan had settled into a promising 56 but opted for an ill-advised cut shot against spinner Shoaib Bashir. The ball found an edge and was gratefully accepted by Joe Root in the slips.

Gavaskar, providing commentary during the live broadcast, was scathing in his criticism of Khan's shot selection. "The ball was pitched up, it wasn't short enough for that shot," Gavaskar lamented. "Goes for it and pays the price. I mean you are playing the first ball after tea. Give yourself a little sighter."

Gavaskar's ire stemmed from a meeting with Khan the previous day, where he had emphasized the significance of shot selection. A crestfallen Khan later apologized to Gavaskar through Dubai-based businessman Shyam Bhatia, who had arranged their meeting. "Sir, please say sorry to Mr Gavaskar – I made a mistake! I won’t make that mistake again," Khan reportedly conveyed through Bhatia.

Gavaskar's anger was not unfounded. Khan's dismissal was a glaring example of poor decision-making, especially considering the crucial stage of the match. India was looking to consolidate its position after a dominant first day, and Khan's wicket gave England a much-needed boost.

The incident highlights the importance of shot selection in Test cricket. Batsmen must carefully assess the situation and play shots that are appropriate for the conditions and the match situation. Impulsive or reckless shots can have disastrous consequences, as Khan's dismissal demonstrated.

Despite Khan's lapse, India went on to win the Dharamsala Test inside three days, securing a 4-1 series victory. However, the incident served as a reminder of the importance of discipline and shot selection in the longest format of the game.

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