IPL Match Halted for Seven Minutes Due to Spidercam Wire Snapping

IPL Match Halted for Seven Minutes Due to Spidercam Wire Snapping

IPL Match Halted Due to Spidercam Wire Snapping

In an unprecedented incident, the Indian Premier League (IPL) match between Rajasthan Royals and Lucknow Super Giants was briefly halted for seven minutes on Sunday due to a snapped spidercam wire. The incident occurred during the first over of Rajasthan's innings at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur.

As skipper Sanju Samson elected to bat after winning the toss, the spidercam wire fell onto the outfield after just two balls were bowled. Engineers swiftly responded, rushing onto the ground to retrieve the fallen wire and remove it from the field of play.

The spidercam, a camera system suspended from wires above the field, is used to capture aerial footage of the match. The snapping of the wire raised concerns about safety and the potential for further disruptions.

Despite the brief interruption, the match resumed without further incident. Rajasthan Royals, fielding three overseas players in Jos Buttler, Trent Boult, and Shimron Hetmyer, faced off against Lucknow Super Giants, led by returning wicketkeeper-batter KL Rahul.

The two teams have a history of close encounters in the IPL, with Lucknow Super Giants emerging victorious once and Rajasthan Royals securing wins twice. In their most recent meeting, Lucknow Super Giants triumphed over Rajasthan Royals by a margin of 10 runs.

The incident highlights the importance of safety measures in sports events, particularly those involving high-tech equipment. The swift response of the engineers ensured that the match could continue without any major delays or injuries.

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