Mukesh Kumar: From Gully Cricket to International Stardom

Mukesh Kumar: From Gully Cricket to International Stardom

Mukesh Kumar, the promising Indian pacer, has made a significant impact on the cricketing scene with his impressive performances in all three formats. In an exclusive interview, Kumar shared his insights on his bowling prowess, the guidance he has received from senior bowlers, and his aspirations for the upcoming season.

Kumar's journey to the international stage has been marked by consistent performances in domestic cricket. His ability to deliver in all three formats has earned him recognition as a versatile bowler. In 2023, he made his international debut in all three formats, showcasing his skills against some of the world's best batsmen.

One of the key factors behind Kumar's success has been his ability to execute accurate yorkers. He credits his confidence in landing the yorkers to his early days in cricket, where he honed his skills in gully cricket. Kumar's yorkers have become a potent weapon in his arsenal, helping him to restrict batsmen and create pressure situations.

Kumar has also benefited from the guidance of experienced fast bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah and Ishant Sharma. He has learned the importance of not allowing batsmen to dominate and the value of unpredictability in his bowling. Bumrah's advice to bowl yorkers with the new ball has been particularly influential in Kumar's development.

In the Delhi Capitals squad, Kumar has found a mentor in Ishant Sharma. Sharma's experience and knowledge have been invaluable to Kumar, who seeks his advice on bowling techniques and strategies. Sharma's belief in Kumar's abilities has instilled confidence in the young pacer.

Kumar is excited about the upcoming IPL season and is determined to help Delhi Capitals win the title. He is also looking forward to the T20 World Cup, but remains focused on the present and his short-term goals.

The recent introduction of fast bowling contracts by the BCCI has been welcomed by Kumar. He believes it will recognize the efforts of young pacers in domestic cricket and provide them with a sense of security.

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