Overseas Stars Clash with Chandrakant Pandit's Coaching Style at KKR

Overseas Stars Clash with Chandrakant Pandit's Coaching Style at KKR

Chandrakant Pandit, a legendary figure in Indian domestic cricket, has faced criticism from some overseas players during his tenure as coach of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023.

According to David Wiese, an all-rounder who played for KKR in three matches this season, there were "certain issues going on behind the scenes" within the team. Wiese revealed that some players were unhappy with Pandit's coaching style, describing the dressing room atmosphere as "tough."

"There was a new coach coming in and he liked to do things a certain way, and that didn't sit well with the players," Wiese said on the 'Hitman for Hire: A year in the life of a franchise cricketer' podcast hosted by Sam Keir.

Wiese further explained that Pandit's strict disciplinary approach did not resonate with some of the overseas players who have extensive experience playing in various leagues around the world. "He's known in India as a fairly militant type of coach, a strict disciplinarian. The overseas guys who've played all over the world don't need someone coming in and telling him how to behave and what to wear and what to do," he added.

Despite the challenges, Wiese remained positive about his time with KKR, acknowledging the team's fighting spirit despite missing some key players. He also praised the performance of Rinku Singh, who impressed with his power-hitting abilities.

"As a player, you appreciate it when guys do well. Rinku Singh smacks five sixes - you can't not appreciate that," Wiese said. "It's just that the result doesn't have much emphasis anymore. You don't sit there nervous about whether you're going to win. And you start investing in the guys' personal performances instead."

Pandit's coaching style has been a topic of discussion in the past, with some players praising his attention to detail and discipline, while others have expressed concerns about his strict approach. It remains to be seen how KKR will perform under Pandit's leadership in the future, but the team's recent struggles have raised questions about the compatibility between his coaching style and the expectations of overseas players.

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