PCA Urges Counties to Deliver on Women's Cricket Promises

PCA Urges Counties to Deliver on Women's Cricket Promises

The Professional Cricketers Association (PCA) has urged counties to fulfill their commitments to women's cricket after the ECB announced the allocation of 'Tier 1' teams in England's revamped domestic structure.

Counties, excluding Derbyshire and Worcestershire, will soon learn if their bids to host Tier 1 teams have been successful. However, players have expressed concerns that counties may not deliver on their promises.

Daryl Mitchell, PCA's chief operating officer, emphasized the importance of holding counties accountable. "We'll lobby the ECB to ensure successful bidders keep their word," he said. "The ECB's auditing and policing will be crucial, and we can play our part."

The PCA and ECB have agreed on a minimum squad size of 15 for Tier 1 teams and equalizing the minimum wage for female and male cricketers. These commitments will be formalized in the updated County Partnership Agreement (CPA).

"Some female players currently work two jobs to make ends meet," Mitchell said. "We need to ensure minimum salaries are appropriate and equal to men's salaries. This is crucial for players to become professional."

Players are excited about the new system, which will provide equal access to facilities and coaches. "Players want the 'one club, two team' mentality seen in the Hundred," Mitchell said. "There will be teething problems, but overall, it's positive for the game."

Despite the challenges, Mitchell encouraged unsuccessful counties to continue investing in women's cricket. "The tender process has made counties consider how to incorporate women's cricket into their structures," he said. "Hopefully, those eight that are unsuccessful become Tier 2 teams and build foundations."

The Hundred's potential ownership changes have also been discussed by the PCA. "There's a lot of talk about the women's game behind the scenes," Mitchell said. "We'll ensure that investors are fully committed to both the men's and women's Hundred."

The final season of the women's regional structure begins next Saturday, with several teams signing Australian overseas players.

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