PCB Chief Seeks India's Assurance for Champions Trophy 2025 in Pakistan

PCB Chief Seeks India's Assurance for Champions Trophy 2025 in Pakistan

Newly appointed Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Mohsin Naqvi is set to embark on a diplomatic mission at the upcoming ICC meeting in Dubai next week. His primary objective is to secure assurances from BCCI secretary Jay Shah regarding India's participation in the Champions Trophy 2025, scheduled to be held in Pakistan.

However, the PCB's hopes of a swift resolution may be tempered by the fact that the tournament is still nearly a year away. The BCCI is unlikely to make any immediate commitments, given the political sensitivities surrounding India's travel to Pakistan.

Naqvi is expected to engage in discussions with key ICC figures and Jay Shah on the matter. He will emphasize the importance of India's participation in promoting the tournament and fostering goodwill between the two cricketing nations.

The PCB is particularly concerned about a repeat of the "Hybrid Model" used in last year's Asia Cup, where Pakistan hosted only four games while the rest were held in Sri Lanka due to India's reluctance to send its team to Pakistan.

Naqvi will attempt to convince the BCCI that Pakistan has made significant progress in upgrading its stadiums and security infrastructure, ensuring a safe and secure environment for visiting teams. He will also highlight the fact that Pakistan has consistently traveled to India for ICC events in recent years.

The BCCI, however, remains cautious. A source within the board stated that any decision on India's participation in the Champions Trophy 2025 will ultimately depend on the Indian government's clearance, which is unlikely to be granted until closer to the tournament date.

Naqvi's efforts in Dubai will be a crucial step in building trust and laying the groundwork for India's potential participation in the Champions Trophy 2025. However, the outcome of these discussions will likely hinge on the political climate and the Indian government's stance on the matter.

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