Preity Zinta's Culinary Treat: 120 Aloo Parathas for Punjab Kings Cricketers

Preity Zinta's Culinary Treat: 120 Aloo Parathas for Punjab Kings Cricketers

Preity Zinta, the co-owner of the Punjab Kings franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL), is renowned for her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering support for her team. Despite the team's lack of title success, Zinta's energy and passion remain undiminished.

During matches, Zinta is a constant presence, engaging with fans by throwing souvenirs and interacting with broadcasters. In a recent viral video, she shared an anecdote about preparing 120 aloo parathas for the Punjab Kings cricketers.

"I said I want aloo paratha, and they asked who would make it," Zinta recounted. "The hotel served us bland parathas, so I offered to teach them. The boys said they would make it if I made it for them. They won, so I had to make around 120 aloo parathas."

Zinta's unwavering support for her team has made her a beloved figure among Punjab Kings fans. She is often seen cheering from the stands, adding a touch of glamour and enthusiasm to the franchise. Her involvement has also brought her into the spotlight as one of the prominent female franchise owners in the IPL.

Beyond her team's performance, Zinta's involvement in the IPL has garnered attention for her enthusiastic support during matches. She has become a prominent figure in the franchise owner circle, known for her infectious energy and unwavering belief in her team.

Currently, the Punjab Kings are placed eighth in the points table with two wins from five games. They will face the Rajasthan Royals in Mullanpur on Saturday, hoping to improve their standings and continue their quest for their maiden IPL title.

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