Rohit Sharma's Compassionate Leadership Inspires Ashwin's Respect

Rohit Sharma's Compassionate Leadership Inspires Ashwin's Respect

Ravichandran Ashwin's profound admiration for Rohit Sharma extends beyond his exceptional leadership skills to his compassionate and humane qualities. This became evident during the third Test in Rajkot when Ashwin's mother, Chitra, was hospitalized.

In a society where self-interest often prevails, Rohit's leadership shines through with his empathy and generosity. Ashwin believes these qualities inspire teammates to give their all for him. This sentiment is particularly poignant for Ashwin, who had to hastily return to Chennai shortly after achieving his 500th Test wicket.

Recalling the harrowing 48 hours, Ashwin described the emotional turmoil he experienced. "I was crying in my room and couldn't think clearly," he said. "I was torn between my duty to the team and my desire to be with my mother."

Rohit's response was extraordinary. He urged Ashwin to leave the squad and be with his family, even arranging a charter flight for him. Ashwin also expressed gratitude to Cheteshwar Pujara, who accompanied him to Chennai.

However, it was Rohit's request to team physio Kamlesh Jain to accompany Ashwin that left him overwhelmed. "Rohit asked Kamlesh to travel with me and check on me during this tough time," Ashwin said. "It was 9:30 pm, and I was gobsmacked. I couldn't even think about it."

Ashwin acknowledged that he would have allowed a player to return home in a similar situation but questioned whether he would have gone to such lengths to arrange a charter flight or ask a support staff member to check on him. "I saw an outstanding leader in Rohit that day," he said.

Ashwin believes that Rohit's IPL achievements are on par with MS Dhoni's, but he believes that God has bigger plans for him. "He's won five IPL titles and is on par with Dhoni, but he should get something bigger than all that," he said.

Ashwin's respect for Rohit grew immensely after the gesture. "In a selfish society, thinking for someone else's wellbeing is a rarity," he said. "My respect for him grew tremendously after that."

Ashwin concluded by emphasizing the bond between Rohit and his teammates. "He takes 10 steps for a player, and a player can give his life for him," he said.

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