Virat Kohli Reflects on Family Break, Adapting to T20 Evolution

Virat Kohli Reflects on Family Break, Adapting to T20 Evolution

Virat Kohli, the talismanic Indian batter, has opened up about his two-month break from cricket after the birth of his second child. Speaking after his match-winning 77 against Punjab Kings, Kohli revealed that he and his family spent time away from the country, where they could experience life as normal people.

"We were not in the country. We were at a place where people were not recognising us. Just time together as a family, just to feel normal for two months," Kohli said. "For me, for us as a family, it was a surreal experience."

Kohli emphasized the transformative impact of having two children on his family life. "Things become totally different from a family perspective. So just the ability to be together, the connections that you make with your older child, it's amazing."

The former India captain expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to spend time with his family, away from the constant attention he receives as a celebrity. "I couldn't have been more grateful to God for the opportunity that I got to spend time with my family."

Kohli also spoke about the love and support he receives from Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) fans, especially in Bengaluru. "It's been going on for years and you know, people talk about a lot of other things when you play sport. The achievements, the stats, the numbers. Look at the end of the day when you look back you're not going to think of the numbers and the stats. It's the memories that you create."

However, Kohli acknowledged the need to adapt his game to the evolving nature of T20 cricket. "Well I mean you have to [make additions to your game]," he said. "People know I play the cover drive pretty well so they're not going to allow me to hit gaps and with guys like KG [Kagiso Rabada] and Arshdeep [Singh] as well, he's tall. So, I mean, if they're hitting length, you have to create some momentum in the ball."

Kohli concluded by reminding everyone of his enduring ability as a batter. "I know my name is nowadays quite attached to just promoting the game in many parts of the world when it comes to T20 cricket. But, I've still got it, I guess."

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