Virat Kohli's Heartfelt Birthday Wish for Wife Anushka Sharma Goes Viral

Virat Kohli's Heartfelt Birthday Wish for Wife Anushka Sharma Goes Viral

Indian cricket star Virat Kohli celebrated his wife Anushka Sharma's 36th birthday with a heartfelt social media post. Kohli shared a photo of Anushka on Instagram, expressing his love and gratitude. "I would have been completely lost if I didn't find you. Happy birthday my love. You are the light to our world world. We love you so much," he wrote.

Kohli's birthday wish has garnered immense attention on social media, reflecting the couple's popularity and the bond they share. Anushka, a renowned actress and film producer, has been a constant source of support for Kohli throughout his cricketing journey.

Despite his impressive run of form in the ongoing IPL 2024, Kohli has faced criticism over his strike rate. Some fans and experts have argued that his slow scoring has hindered Royal Challengers Bengaluru's performance. However, Kohli has defended his approach, emphasizing his focus on winning games for his team.

"Not really, all the people who talk about strike-rates and me not playing spin well are the ones talking about this stuff. For me, it's about winning the games for the team and there's a reason why you've done it for 15 years, you've done this day in and day out, you've won games for your teams," Kohli said after his side's victory over Gujarat Titans.

Kohli's comments highlight the importance of experience and understanding the nuances of the game. He believes that his long-standing success in international cricket gives him the necessary perspective to navigate the challenges of the IPL.

Despite the criticism, Kohli remains a vital cog in the Indian cricket team and Royal Challengers Bengaluru. His ability to anchor the innings and score consistently makes him a valuable asset to any side. As the IPL 2024 progresses, Kohli will be eager to prove his critics wrong and lead his team to success.

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