Jamshedpur FC Faces Point Deduction for Rule Violation

Jamshedpur FC Faces Point Deduction for Rule Violation

Jamshedpur FC's 1-1 draw against Mumbai City FC in the Indian Super League (ISL) on Friday could turn into a costly affair for the Red Miners. The club is facing the prospect of losing the point they earned due to a violation of the league's rules regarding the minimum number of Indian players on the pitch.

According to Rule 4.2.10 of the ISL's league rules for the 2023-24 season, each club must field at least seven Indian players throughout the match. However, Jamshedpur FC fell short of this requirement after Daniel Chima Chukwu was sent off in the 82nd minute and was replaced by Swiss player Alen Stevanovic. This reduced the number of Indian players on the pitch to six.

The rule states that failure to comply with this requirement will result in a 3-0 loss for the offending club. However, if the opposing team has won the match by a higher score, the result on the field will be upheld.

In this case, Mumbai City FC did not win by a higher score, so Jamshedpur FC could face a 3-0 loss if the violation is confirmed. This would give Mumbai City three points and a 3-0 win, which would significantly boost their chances of winning the ISL shield.

With five teams still in contention for the shield, the points and goals awarded to Mumbai City could give them a significant advantage. Currently, Mumbai City is in pole position with 36 points from 18 rounds, while Odisha FC is second with 35 points from 18 games.

Jamshedpur FC's quest for a top-six play-off berth could also be affected by the potential loss of points. They are currently sixth with 21 points from 19 games, and a 3-0 loss would drop them down the standings.

The ISL is expected to review the incident and make a decision on whether to award Mumbai City the three points. If the violation is confirmed, it will be a costly mistake for Jamshedpur FC and could have a major impact on the race for the ISL shield.

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