EPBL and EWPBL: Franchise Basketball Leagues Aim to Revolutionize Indian Basketball

EPBL and EWPBL: Franchise Basketball Leagues Aim to Revolutionize Indian Basketball

Franchise sports have gained immense popularity in India, with the Indian Premier League (IPL) leading the way. The success of IPL has inspired franchise competitions in various other sports, including basketball. The Elite Pro Basketball League (EPBL) and Elite Women's Pro Basketball League (EWPBL) are the latest additions to this growing trend.

Unlike other franchise competitions, EPBL and EWPBL not only include a category for men but also have a dedicated competition for women. Despite their promising start in 2022, these leagues have faced challenges from the Basketball Federation of India (BFI). The BFI has issued warnings and circulars against EPBL and EWPBL, citing unauthorized events.

However, the leagues remain optimistic about their future. Sunny Bhandarkar, CEO of Elite Pro Basketball, believes that basketball's lack of popularity in India stems from the absence of a clear roadmap and professional ecosystem. EPBL and EWPBL aim to bridge this gap by providing a platform for players to pursue basketball as a profession.

Bhandarkar also acknowledges the role of the BFI in hindering basketball's growth. He urges the federation to support private tournaments and allow athletes to participate in them. He believes that this will enhance the level of play and benefit the national teams.

EPBL and EWPBL aspire to reach the popularity of IPL or ISL in the future. They aim to create a comprehensive ecosystem for basketball in India, including grassroots development, collegiate tournaments, and advanced coaching camps.

Despite the challenges posed by the BFI, EPBL and EWPBL remain committed to their mission of promoting basketball in India. They believe that by providing a professional platform and a clear roadmap, they can inspire a new generation of players and elevate the sport to new heights.

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