Esports in India: PM Modi Meets Gaming Personalities, Discusses Industry Growth

Esports in India: PM Modi Meets Gaming Personalities, Discusses Industry Growth

Esports in India: A Rapidly Growing Industry with Government Support

Esports, a competitive form of video gaming, has witnessed a meteoric rise in India, garnering recognition as a legitimate sport. In a groundbreaking move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently convened a roundtable discussion with prominent gaming personalities to discuss the industry's growth and potential.

Animesh Aggarwal, founder and CEO of 8Bit Creatives and co-founder of S8UL, expressed his honor at discussing the industry's rapid ascent with the Prime Minister. He emphasized the need for support rather than regulation from the government to foster its growth.

Naman Mathur (Mortal), co-founder and CMO of 8Bit Creatives, described the interaction as "surreal." He highlighted the Prime Minister's understanding of the industry's nuances and his vision for game development centered around Indian culture and environmental issues.

Payal Dhare (PayalGaming) shared her insights on the prospects for female gamers in India. She noted the Prime Minister's keen listening skills and his ability to differentiate between esports and gaming content creation.

Lokesh 'Goldy' Jain, co-founder of 8Bit Creatives, expressed his pride in the industry's recognition. He emphasized his alignment with the Prime Minister's vision and his commitment to working towards its realization.

The discussion covered various aspects of gaming, including esports, game development, its impact on youth, and India's global presence in the industry. The gamers shared their personal journeys, challenges, and triumphs.

Esports in India has evolved from a pastime to a multi-sport event, officially recognized by the government. The FICCI-EY report estimates that participation in esports tournaments surged to 1.8 million in 2023, with an expected increase to 2.5 million in 2024. Game streamers have also witnessed a significant rise in viewership, particularly in Tier-II cities.

The government's support for esports is a testament to its recognition as a legitimate sport and its potential to contribute to the nation's economic and social development. With continued support and collaboration between the government and the industry, esports in India is poised for even greater growth and success.

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