Gukesh Triumphs in Six-Hour Marathon, Joins Candidates Tournament Lead

Gukesh Triumphs in Six-Hour Marathon, Joins Candidates Tournament Lead

Chess, a game of strategy and endurance, can be a brutal affair. In the ongoing Candidates Tournament, a grueling battle for the right to challenge the World Champion, young Indian prodigy D Gukesh has emerged as a formidable force.

In Round 5, Gukesh faced Nijat Abasov, the lowest-ranked player in the Open category. After a tense six-hour marathon, Gukesh emerged victorious, showcasing his remarkable composure and resourcefulness.

Early on, Abasov equalized comfortably with Black. However, as the game progressed, Gukesh's chances with White grew. Despite facing a time scramble, he managed to unearth a winning endgame.

With Black's King vulnerable and a pawn down, Gukesh threatened checkmate. In a queen endgame, Abasov had only one move to avoid defeat: pushing his Queen to g2. However, exhausted after six hours of play, he mistakenly moved his Queen to f1 instead.

This fatal error allowed Gukesh to trade Queens and secure a decisive advantage. Abasov's six-hour battle was in vain, as he resigned in defeat.

Gukesh's victory not only propelled him into the tournament lead but also into the world's top 10 in live ratings. His mentor, Viswanathan Anand, praised his execution, calling it "a dramatic finish."

Meanwhile, fellow Indian R Praggnanandhaa had a disappointing day. Despite sacrificing two pawns and a piece against Ian Nepomniachtchi, he failed to capitalize on his advantage and settled for a draw.

The Round 5 results set the stage for exciting matchups in Round 6. Gukesh will face Hikaru Nakamura, while Praggnanandhaa will take on Abasov.

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