Hockey India Faces Allegations of Financial Irregularities and Election Violations

Hockey India Faces Allegations of Financial Irregularities and Election Violations

Indian hockey is once again facing turmoil, with allegations of financial irregularities and election process violations surfacing. Former Delhi Hockey secretary Mahesh Dayal has raised concerns about the validity of the current Hockey India (HI) dispensation and the 2022 election process, claiming violations of the National Sports Code.

Dayal's allegations center around the eligibility of secretary general Bhola Nath Singh, treasurer Sekar Manoharan, and executive director Cdr. RK Srivastava. He claims that Singh has exceeded his tenure limits and that the election process did not comply with the Sports Code.

Singh has dismissed the allegations, stating that he is within the provisions of the code and that his election was not in violation of the rules. However, Dayal has also questioned the absence of an arbitration committee and an ombudsman, as well as the lack of age and tenure limits for district-level officials.

The allegations come amidst the recent resignations of women's chief coach Janneke Schopman and long-serving CEO Elena Norman. Both Schopman and Norman have hinted at internal issues within HI, with Schopman claiming "disrespect" and Norman naming the three officials as being more interested in power.

Furthermore, there is an ongoing case in the Delhi High Court over a forensic audit of HI accounts. Questions have been raised about HI's income-tax assessment and its finances, including sponsorship money and payments allegedly made to the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

The allegations have raised concerns about the governance and transparency of HI. The sports ministry and HI president Dilip Tirkey have been urged to investigate the matter and ensure that the National Sports Code is adhered to.

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