Praggnanandhaa Draws in Prague Masters, Prepares for Candidates Tournament

Praggnanandhaa Draws in Prague Masters, Prepares for Candidates Tournament

R Praggnanandhaa, India's rising chess star, concluded the Prague Masters chess tournament with a draw against David Navara of the Czech Republic. Despite his valiant effort, Praggnanandhaa settled for a draw in the final round, but he can take solace in his strong performance, which has positioned him as the top-rated Indian heading into the upcoming Candidates Tournament in Toronto.

The Candidates Tournament, a prestigious event that determines the challenger for the World Championship match, was initially met with visa issues for some participants. However, thanks to the tireless efforts of FIDE and various channels, the tournament is now set to proceed as planned.

In the final round of the Prague Masters, five draws occurred among the top 10 players, leaving the standings largely unchanged. Nodirbek Abdusattarov of Uzbekistan emerged victorious, having secured 6/8 points in the previous rounds and adding another half-point in the final round.

Praggnanandhaa finished the tournament with a respectable score of five points, alongside Parham Maghsoodloo of Iran and Ngyen Thai Dai Van of the Czech Republic. Gukesh, Richard Rapport of Romania, and David Navara shared fifth place with 4.5 points each, while Mateusz Bartel and Vincent Keymer finished with 3.5 points. Vidit Gujrathi placed last with three points.

Among the three Indian participants in the Candidates Tournament, Praggnanandhaa has shown the most impressive form. However, with the dates for the World Championship challenger match now set, it remains to be seen who will emerge victorious under the pressure of the high-stakes event.

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