Syringes Found at Athletics Championship, Raising Doping Concerns

Syringes Found at Athletics Championship, Raising Doping Concerns

The Athletics Federation of India's (AFI) "no needle policy" has come under scrutiny after numerous used syringes were discovered at the main athletics stadium of the Sports Authority of India's center in Lucknow during the 22nd Junior National Federation Athletics Championship.

The syringes were found scattered in the men's toilets, which are adjacent to the dope collection rooms at the venue. The identity of the athletes who used the syringes remains unknown, but their presence raises concerns about potential doping violations.

"We can't keep an eye on every athlete, especially when they lock the toilet doors," said a security guard outside the bathrooms on condition of anonymity. "It's not our responsibility to check every time an athlete comes out of the toilet."

The discovery of the syringes on the first day of the prestigious event, which serves as a qualifying championship for the 21st Asian U20 Athletics Championships in Dubai, has shocked organizers.

"We have no idea how these syringes got into the men's toilet," said PK Srivastava, chief executive officer of the Uttar Pradesh Athletics Association. "We have a strict no-needle policy in athletics, but I will investigate this matter personally."

Srivastava confirmed that the AFI has set up a dope control center at the venue, where a team of doctors is deputed for sample collection. A six-member NADA team led by BN Mishra is also stationed there.

"AFI has set up its dope controlling center at the venue, and so far, nine samples have been received on day one of the three-day championship," said Srivastava. "It's disheartening that some of our athletes still resort to such unethical practices."

The presence of the syringes has cast a shadow over the championship and raised questions about the effectiveness of the AFI's anti-doping measures. The incident highlights the need for stricter enforcement of doping regulations and increased education for athletes on the dangers of performance-enhancing substances.

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