Tentoglou Blasts WA's Proposed Take-Off Board Experiment

Tentoglou Blasts WA's Proposed Take-Off Board Experiment

Greek long jump sensation Miltiadis Tentoglou has vehemently opposed World Athletics' (WA) proposed experiment with the take-off board, expressing his concerns shortly after claiming the world indoor title in Glasgow.

Tentoglou, who now holds the Olympic, outdoor world, and indoor world titles, erupted when questioned about the proposed change. The experiment involves moving the take-off board 5 centimeters closer to the pit, a move that has drawn criticism from many athletes.

"It's a stupid idea," Tentoglou declared. "It's going to ruin the sport. It's going to make it easier for people to jump far, but it's not going to make it fairer."

Tentoglou believes that the proposed change will favor athletes with greater speed and power, while disadvantaging those with better technique. He argues that the current take-off board distance has been established for decades and should not be altered.

"The take-off board is a sacred thing in long jump," Tentoglou said. "It's been the same for years, and it's been fair for everyone. Why change it now?"

WA has defended the experiment, claiming that it will increase the excitement and unpredictability of the event. However, Tentoglou and other athletes remain skeptical.

"It's not going to make the sport more exciting," Tentoglou said. "It's just going to make it more random. It's going to be a lottery."

The proposed experiment is set to begin in May at the Diamond League meeting in Doha. It will be closely monitored by WA, and a decision on whether to implement the change permanently will be made after the 2023 World Championships in Budapest.

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