WFI to Operate Independently if Suspension Not Lifted

WFI to Operate Independently if Suspension Not Lifted

The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) has resolved to operate independently of government funding if its suspension is not lifted. This decision was made at a Special General Meeting (SGM) held in Noida after the United World Wrestling (UWW) lifted its suspension and the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) dissolved the ad-hoc panel managing the WFI.

The WFI's suspension by the government stemmed from alleged rule violations during its election process. However, the UWW's decision to lift its suspension and the IOA's dissolution of the ad-hoc panel have paved the way for the elected office bearers to resume control.

Despite these developments, the government has yet to lift its suspension. The WFI has unanimously agreed to operate without government funding if the suspension remains in place. This would mean that the WFI would be responsible for funding wrestlers' training, competitions, and foreign exposure trips.

The WFI has also amended its Constitution to eliminate the requirement for a two-third majority for candidates contesting elections for new posts. This amendment simplifies the election process and allows for greater flexibility in leadership selection.

Additionally, the WFI has removed the requirement for state associations to have recognition from State Olympic Committees (SOCs) for affiliation with the national body. This move aims to prevent misuse of the clause by suspended state bodies claiming legitimacy through SOC recognition.

All state bodies have been instructed to adhere to the National Sports Code in conducting elections and functioning. Age and tenure guidelines must be followed by all affiliated entities.

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