The Ultimate Guide to Dhoni's Cricket Equipment You Need to Know

Cricket, often regarded as a religion in India, has witnessed the rise of numerous legends who have left an indelible mark on the sport. One such iconic figure is Mahendra Singh Dhoni, fondly known as "Captain Cool." Throughout his illustrious career, Dhoni showcased exceptional skills with both the bat and gloves. In this article, we delve into the cricket equipment that accompanied Dhoni on his journey, focusing on his trusted cricket bat and gloves. 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni's cricket equipment, including his iconic bat and gloves, played an integral role in his journey to becoming one of the most revered cricketers of all time. The SS Ton Reserve Edition cricket bat of Dhoni with its exceptional willow grade, balanced weight, and personalized design provided Dhoni with the tools to unleash his power on the field. Meanwhile, the Spartan MSD Supalite gloves of Dhoni ensured the utmost protection, flexibility, and comfort as he executed his wicket. 

Which company's cricket kit does MS Dhoni use?

Cricket Bat of Dhoni: 

SS Ton Reserve Edition: 

One cannot discuss the cricket bat of Dhoni without mentioning the SS Ton Reserve Edition. Manufactured by Sareen Sports (SS), this bat is a testament to the perfect fusion of craftsmanship and technology. Known for its incredible balance and power, the SS Ton Reserve Edition was Dhoni's preferred weapon on the cricket field. 

The SS Ton Reserve Edition cricket bat holds a significant place in MS Dhoni's cricketing journey. Crafted by Sareen Sports (SS), this bat epitomizes the perfect amalgamation of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Renowned for its exceptional balance and power, the SS Ton Reserve Edition became Dhoni's weapon of choice on the cricket field. 


The Willow Grade and Profile of the SS Ton Reserve Edition played a crucial role in its performance. This bat featured Grade 1 English Willow, which is widely regarded as the top quality willow available for cricket bat manufacturing. The Grade 1 willow is carefully selected based on its durability, responsiveness, and straight grain characteristics. Dhoni's bat was no exception to this standard, as the willow used in its construction met his specific requirements. 

The bat's profile was designed to suit Dhoni's playing style and preferences. It boasted a mid-to-low sweet spot, strategically positioned to enhance Dhoni's ability to generate immense power while maintaining control over his shots. The sweet spot is part of the bat where the ball makes contact, resulting in the optimal transfer of energy and generating powerful strokes. Dhoni's bat allowed him to effortlessly manoeuvre the ball to all parts of the field, be it the explosive helicopter shot or the delicate flicks and cuts. 

The SS Ton Reserve Edition cricket bat of Dhoni was a testament to the craftsmanship and technology employed in its construction. With Grade 1 English Willow, a well-designed profile, and carefully considered specifications, this cricket bat provided Dhoni with the perfect tool to showcase his immense power and control on the cricket field. The personalized sticker design added a touch of uniqueness to the bat, making it a symbol of Dhoni's extraordinary career. 

Willow Grade and Profile: 

The SS Ton Reserve Edition bat featured Grade 1 English Willow, renowned for its durability and responsiveness. The willow was carefully selected, ensuring it met Dhoni's specific requirements. The bat's profile boasted a mid-to-low sweet spot, enabling Dhoni to generate immense power while maintaining control over his shots. 

Bat Specifications: 

The SS Ton Reserve Edition cricket bat used by MS Dhoni was meticulously designed to cater to his specific playing style and requirements. Its weight, ranging between 1.18 kg to 1.25 kg, was carefully balanced to provide Dhoni with the ideal equilibrium between power and manoeuvrability. This optimal weight distribution allowed him to generate immense power while maintaining control and precision in his shots. 

The edges of the cricket bat of MS Dhoni were expertly crafted, measuring approximately 38-40 mm in thickness. These thick edges not only contributed to the bat's overall robustness but also played a vital role in enhancing the power generated upon contact with the ball. Dhoni's shots, whether thunderous boundaries or delicate deflections, benefited from the substantial edges of his trusted bat. 

To ensure a firm and comfortable grip, the handle of the SS Ton Reserve Edition bat was crafted from high-quality Sarawak cane. This material provided Dhoni with optimal grip and control, allowing him to wield the bat with confidence and finesse. Additionally, the handle's design effectively minimized vibrations, reducing the risk of discomfort or loss of control during powerful strokes. The exceptional handle quality was a crucial component in Dhoni's ability to maintain a solid hold on the bat and execute his shots with precision. 

Sticker Design and Personal Touch: 

The SS Ton Reserve Edition cricket bat, cherished by MS Dhoni, possessed a distinct sticker design that showcased his iconic helicopter shot and the emblematic "7" jersey number. This personalized touch infused the bat with a sense of identity, instantly setting it apart and making it easily recognizable on the cricket field. 

The sticker design on the SS Ton Reserve Edition bat was meticulously crafted to honour Dhoni's extraordinary playing style and achievements. It prominently featured an illustration capturing Dhoni's renowned helicopter shot, a stroke that had become synonymous with his name. This shot, characterized by its unique and powerful helicopter-like swing, represented Dhoni's innovation and fearlessness in the game. The depiction of this iconic shot on the bat's sticker design paid homage to Dhoni's exceptional skill and his ability to revolutionize the game with his unconventional techniques. 

Additionally, the sticker design incorporated Dhoni's revered "7" jersey number, which had become an emblem of his cricketing legacy. The number "7" held immense significance for Dhoni, signifying his batting position and representing his resilience and leadership on the field. The inclusion of this number in the sticker design further personalized the bat, connecting it to Dhoni's remarkable journey and accomplishments. 

The unique sticker design on the SS Ton Reserve Edition cricket bat of Dhoni not only added an aesthetic appeal but also became a symbol of Dhoni's indomitable spirit and his impact on the game of cricket. It acted as a visual representation of his signature shots and his revered jersey number, making the bat instantly identifiable as the iconic tool that accompanied Dhoni during his remarkable career. 

Gloves of Dhoni: 

Spartan MSD Supalite: 

When it comes to wicketkeeping gloves, Dhoni's hands were shielded by the Spartan MSD Supalite. Designed in collaboration with Dhoni himself, these gloves were tailored to his specific needs and style of play. They provided him with the necessary protection, flexibility, and grip to execute his lightning-fast stumpings and catches. 

The Spartan MSD Supalite wicketkeeping gloves of Dhoni were the result of an extensive collaboration between Spartan Sports and the legendary Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Known for his lightning-fast reflexes and impeccable wicketkeeping skills, Dhoni played a pivotal role in designing these gloves to enhance his performance behind the stumps. 

One of the key features of the Spartan MSD Supalite gloves of Dhoni was their exceptional protection. Recognizing the intense nature of the sport and the potential impact on a wicketkeeper's hands, Dhoni emphasized the importance of durable and reliable padding. The gloves incorporated high-density foam and strategically placed protection zones to safeguard his hands from the impact of fast-paced deliveries and powerful shots. 

The grip was a critical factor that contributed to Dhoni's ability to execute lightning-fast stumpings and stunning catches. The gloves featured specially designed palm surfaces with advanced grip technology. This innovative design provided Dhoni with excellent control and grip over the ball, enabling him to make lightning-quick movements and execute precise dismissals with ease. 

Protection and Durability: 

The Spartan MSD Supalite gloves of Dhoni incorporated innovative technologies to enhance protection and durability. High-density foam padding in key areas safeguarded Dhoni's hands from the impact of fast-paced deliveries, while reinforced finger sections reduced the risk of injuries. The gloves were constructed with premium materials, ensuring longevity even in the face of rigorous usage. 

The Spartan MSD Supalite gloves not only catered to Dhoni's technical needs but also reflected his personal style. Dhoni's unique love for the game was apparent in the gloves' sleek and stylish design. The gloves sported Dhoni's personal logo and signature, adding a touch of exclusivity to his gear. 

As a result of their collaboration with Dhoni, Spartan Sports not only created a highly functional pair of wicketkeeping gloves but also set a new standard in the world of cricket gear. The Spartan MSD Supalite gloves became popular among aspiring wicketkeepers and professionals alike, as they sought to emulate Dhoni's exceptional skills and performance behind the stumps. 

Flexibility and Comfort: 

Dhoni's gloves prioritized flexibility and comfort without compromising performance. The gloves featured a multi-flex design, allowing natural hand movement while maintaining a secure fit. The use of lightweight materials and ventilation systems facilitated breathability, preventing excessive sweating during intense matches. 

Flexibility was another essential aspect considered during the development of these gloves. Dhoni, renowned for his agility and agility in glovework, insisted on gloves that offered optimum freedom of movement. The Spartan MSD Supalite gloves were crafted using lightweight and flexible materials, allowing Dhoni to effortlessly manoeuvre his hands while maintaining a firm grip on the ball. 

Aesthetic Appeal: 

The Spartan MSD Supalite gloves embodied Dhoni's persona, reflecting his calm and composed demeanour. The gloves flaunted a sleek design with minimalistic aesthetics, incorporating his initials and jersey number. The subdued colour palette of white, silver, and blue added a touch of elegance to the gloves.

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