Casper Ruud's Weight Loss Fuels Resurgence on Tennis Court

Casper Ruud's Weight Loss Fuels Resurgence on Tennis Court

Casper Ruud's recent success on the tennis court can be attributed to a significant physical transformation. The Norwegian star has shed 4 kilograms since last year, resulting in a noticeable improvement in his mobility and agility.

Ruud's weight loss journey began after a disappointing 2022 season, during which he struggled to keep up with his opponents due to a lack of proper off-season training. Determined to regain his speed and quickness, Ruud embarked on a rigorous fitness regimen that included weightlifting and a strict diet.

However, Ruud realized that his previous approach was counterproductive. The excessive weightlifting had made him stiff and slow, hindering his performance on the court. As a result, he shifted his focus to building agility and flexibility.

Ruud's new training regime involved reducing his carbohydrate and sugar intake while increasing his consumption of clean, healthy foods. He also incorporated more agility drills into his workouts. The results have been evident in his recent performances.

In 2023, Ruud has already surpassed his hard-court match wins from the previous year. He reached the finals in Los Cabos and Acapulco, and avenged a clay-court defeat to Arthur Fils in Indian Wells.

Ruud's physical transformation has not only improved his on-court performance but has also boosted his confidence. He is now aiming to finish the season in the Top 10 and win a major title.

"The last two years I got a taste of being at the really, really top of the rankings, and all these things, and it's more fun than being No. 11 or finishing the year No. 11," Ruud said.

With his newfound fitness and determination, Ruud is poised to make a significant impact on the tennis world in the years to come.

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