Lindsay Davenport Brings Vision and Support to US Billie Jean King Cup Team

Lindsay Davenport Brings Vision and Support to US Billie Jean King Cup Team

Lindsay Davenport, the former world No. 1, has taken on the role of captain for the United States Billie Jean King Cup team with a clear vision. Her approach emphasizes both team-building and individual player development, drawing inspiration from her own experiences under Billie Jean King's guidance.

Davenport believes that the Billie Jean King Cup can be a catalyst for individual success, just as it was for her. She aims to create a supportive environment where players feel empowered and encouraged to reach their full potential. By understanding each player's goals and working closely with their coaches, Davenport hopes to foster a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

While team unity is paramount, Davenport also recognizes the importance of player health and well-being. She has tailored practices to be efficient and has prioritized rest and recovery, especially given the demanding schedule and recent surface transitions.

Davenport's ultimate goal is to restore the dominance of the United States national team. With a strong roster featuring three Top 20 players, she believes the team has the potential to reclaim the Billie Jean King Cup. However, she emphasizes that nothing should be taken for granted, as every team brings its best effort to this prestigious event.

Davenport's approach is influenced by her close relationship with Billie Jean King, who remains a mentor and source of inspiration. King's unwavering belief in Davenport's abilities helped her unlock her full potential, and Davenport hopes to do the same for the current generation of American players.

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