Redfoo's Timeball: A Social and Competitive Tennis Innovation

Redfoo's Timeball: A Social and Competitive Tennis Innovation

Redfoo, the renowned musician and tennis enthusiast, is making waves in the tennis world with his innovative game, Timeball. This social and competitive game blends tennis with elements of pickleball, creating a unique and engaging experience for players of all skill levels.

Timeball is played on a tennis court with up to eight players. The game revolves around a "Timekeeper" who feeds balls into play. Players compete to accumulate the most time on the "Champs" side of the court, where their clock runs continuously. Challengers must win three points before the Champs win two to switch sides.

Redfoo and co-founder Ransom Braaten developed Timeball to bridge the gap between tennis and pickleball. The game's social aspect and lack of a serve make it accessible to players of varying abilities, fostering a sense of community.

Timeball has gained traction at the club level and has been well-received by high-level players as a valuable practice tool. Tennis brands have also recognized its potential for activations, using it to showcase their products.

Redfoo and Braaten plan to expand Timeball's reach to major tournaments, including the US Open and Roland Garros. They are also supporting rising star Peyton Stearns, providing her with encouragement and the "Foo energy" that has become synonymous with their game.

Redfoo believes that Timeball can enhance the tennis experience by creating a more interactive and entertaining atmosphere. He emphasizes the importance of respectful support and sees the game as a way to bring people together through the shared love of tennis.

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