Top Level Tennis and Tennis Channel Partner to Elevate Global Tennis Education

Top Level Tennis and Tennis Channel Partner to Elevate Global Tennis Education

Top Level Tennis and Tennis Channel Join Forces to Elevate Tennis Education Globally

Top Level Tennis, a leading online tennis education platform, has announced an expanded partnership with Tennis Channel, a premier tennis media company. This collaboration marks a shared commitment to fostering tennis passion and providing accessible educational resources to players of all levels worldwide.

Beginning in 2020, Top Level Tennis will offer free episodes from every course available on its platform. This unprecedented move grants tennis enthusiasts the opportunity to tap into the expertise of renowned tennis stars, including:

* Boris Becker, multiple Grand Slam champion and former ATP world number one

* Marco Panichi, Novak Djokovic's motor preparation coach

* Wolfgang Thiem, father, coach, and manager of Dominic Thiem

* Dominika Cibulkova, 2016 WTA Masters champion and Australian Open finalist

* Urszula Radwanska, junior Wimbledon winner

* Alberto Castellani, one of the world's most celebrated tennis coaches

"We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Tennis Channel and share our exclusive educational content with an even wider audience," said Przemyslaw Kasiura, CMO of Top Level Tennis. "Through this collaboration, tennis fans around the globe will gain invaluable insights and strategies from the world's top tennis personalities. We firmly believe that with the right education and motivation, anyone can enhance their tennis skills."

Beyond tennis lessons, Top Level Tennis offers a comprehensive platform that includes:

* Unseen stories from on and off the court

* Exclusive training sessions

* Unlimited e-book content

* Training courses in multiple languages, including German, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese

The paid version of Top Level Tennis provides additional benefits, such as personalized training plans and access to a community of like-minded tennis enthusiasts.

This partnership between Top Level Tennis and Tennis Channel is a testament to their shared passion for tennis and their unwavering commitment to making the sport accessible to all. By providing free educational resources and showcasing the expertise of tennis legends, they aim to inspire and empower tennis players of all ages and skill levels to reach their full potential.

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