Li-Ning 3D Calibar 600 Badminton Racket
badminton racket li ning price
badminton racket li ning price
badminton racket li ning price
badminton racket li ning
badminton racket li ning price
badminton racket li ning

Li-Ning 3D Calibar 600 Badminton Racket

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Li-Ning 3D Calibar 600 Badminton Racquet is built on the 3D Calibar Technology Platform and features a high-tech, geometric badminton racquet frame design that greatly reduces air resistance. The 3D Calibar Technology is used by the L-Ning in its 3D Calibar Series Badminton Racquets. By using 3D Calibar Technology, they made a high-tech, geometrically approved badminton racquet frame, which significantly reduces air resistance. By reducing air resistance, badminton racquets produce faster swing speeds for the biggest smashes in the game. Li Ning 3D Calibar Technology is best for the player looking for maximum power.

The 3D Calibar Series streamlined design increases the power of the badminton Racquet. These series of racquets help you to bring out the most commanding shots hidden in you & also help the player to achieve maximum power.

With an optimized design and optimized aerodynamic frame, players will get fast Racquet swing speed which helps in deadly counterattacks.

Technologies used in this racquet:

1. Wing Stabilizer: Wing Stabilizer is a unique technology used in aviation to control unnecessary vibration. Li Ning used this technology to control the Racquet frame. The racquets absorb unnecessary shaking from the vibrations and restore the racquet’s outer “wings” back to a precision performance mode.

2. MPCF Reinforcing Technology: Li Ning takes up racquet production to a new level & reduces the chances of imperfections. Li Ning implements multi-layer carbon fibers for strength and durability.

3. Dynamic Optimum Frame: All the Badminton Racquets have a Dynamic Optimum Frame means they have a larger extended sweet spot, so the hitting point is moved higher & provides a larger defensive area.

4. Aerotec Beam System: By collecting the data from the courts & analyzing them, Li Ning manufactures the most aerodynamic Racquet. This results in extremely low drag & high intensity.

5. Stabilized Torsion Control: In this technology, we design shots that are not hit with the sweet spot to act almost like they hit the sweet spot. This technology allows the frame to remain stabilized for an even-hitting surface.

6. TB Nano: Nano Technology combines carbon fiber & resin more closely. This process gives better elasticity, stability, and durability overall; we say the more powerful striking.

7. UHB Shaft: In this cutting edge technology helps in optimizing the performance shaft, resulting in the shaft coming with more flexible points and your smash improving effectively

About Li-Ning: The Li-Ning badminton Racquets are of great quality and give the player a powerful yet stable hit. The Racquets are made of wood with a rubber grip on the handle and a steelhead. The Racquets are lightweight and easy to carry, which makes them great for beginners.

Does the racket come with a cover?

No, the Li-Ning 3D Calibar 600 Badminton Racket doesn’t come with a cover.

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