BBL and WBBL Overhaul: Multi-Year Overseas Deals and WBBL Reduction

BBL and WBBL Overhaul: Multi-Year Overseas Deals and WBBL Reduction

Cricket Australia is revolutionizing its Big Bash League (BBL) and Women's Big Bash League (WBBL) with significant changes aimed at retaining overseas talent and enhancing the overall quality of the competitions.

Overseas Player Multi-Year Deals:

Clubs will now be permitted to sign overseas players to multi-year contracts before the draft. These deals will require players to commit to the entire tournament, preventing them from leaving for other leagues. This move is designed to address the issue of players departing the BBL before the finals, which has weakened the competition in recent years.

Impact on Draft and Player Selection:

The signed overseas players will count towards the minimum of three internationals that each club must select during the draft. They will occupy either a platinum, gold, or silver-round pick based on their salary. Clubs will have the flexibility to poach overseas talent from other franchises, adding an element of strategy to the draft process.

Flexibility and Timing:

Players who have existing contracts elsewhere will be granted some flexibility next summer. However, from the 2025-26 season onwards, they will be locked in for the duration of their multi-year deals. The timing of the UAE-based ILT20 competition is expected to shift from January-February to November, reducing the pressure on the BBL, as ILT20 teams will no longer be able to raid BBL stocks.

WBBL Changes:

The WBBL is also set for a shake-up, with a likely reduction from 56 games to 40. This move is intended to create a more balanced schedule and provide greater context for matches. The timing of the Women's T20 World Cup in Bangladesh means the competition could begin without international talent if it maintains its longer season.

State-Based T20 League:

To compensate for the reduction in WBBL games, Cricket Australia is considering introducing a state-based T20 league. This could provide financial benefits for players, who currently earn match fees in state cricket but salaries in the WBBL.

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