England's Bazball Approach Fails in India, Hussain Calls for Individual Focus

England's Bazball Approach Fails in India, Hussain Calls for Individual Focus

England's Bazball Approach Falters in India, Hussain Calls for Individual Focus

Former England captain Nasser Hussain has criticized the team's over-reliance on the "Bazball" approach, following their 4-1 series defeat to India. Hussain believes that individual performances must take precedence over the aggressive style of play advocated by Test coach Brendon McCullum.

"We just get lost with this term Bazball," Hussain wrote in his column for Sky Sports. "The team, the management does not like the term Bazball. They need to look at their own individual performances."

Hussain pointed to the team's frequent batting collapses as a major concern. "Look at the opposition. Like in anything in life, try and learn. Why did we collapse? Why Crawley keeps getting starts and keeps getting out? Ben Duckett, got a brilliant 150, gave a charge when the ball was too new."

Skipper Ben Stokes also came under fire for his poor batting performance in the series. "Ben Stokes had a poor series with the bat. Maybe because he is playing only with the bat. Just look at your own game and improve," said Hussain.

Hussain praised James Anderson for reaching 700 Test wickets and R Ashwin for crossing 100 Test matches and 500 wickets. "The reason they end up as greats of the game is because they are constantly looking at improving in the game. Trying to improve," he said.

Despite winning the first Test, England lost the plot in subsequent matches, often squandering their advantage. "In the third Test, England were in a position to try and get close to India but didn't and once you give them a lead then you are chasing the game. They had their chances in the fourth Test as well," Hussain noted.

"The batting collapses will be the main issue from this tour. There have been so many occasions where they have got off to decent starts and the middle order has then collapsed."

This is England's first series loss under the McCullum-Stokes era. They last won a series in India in 2012. "It can happen in India but the pitches in this series have been brilliant so England can have no complaints about that. Plus, they won three tosses out of five," Hussain said.

"They will look at those collapses and say, 'what could we have done differently in those positions to make sure it doesn't happen again?' because it did happen again."

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