BCB Shortens School Cricket Matches to 20 Overs Due to Heatwave

BCB Shortens School Cricket Matches to 20 Overs Due to Heatwave

BCB Shortens School Cricket Matches to 20 Overs Amidst Heatwave

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has announced the reduction of school cricket matches from 50 overs to 20 overs due to the ongoing heatwave in the country. The decision was made to ensure the safety and well-being of young players amidst soaring temperatures.

Temperatures in Bangladesh have consistently exceeded 40 degrees Celsius for most of April, prompting meteorologists to declare it the longest heatwave in the country's history. In response, the BCB's age-group tournament committee has implemented the following measures:

* All remaining divisional round matches of the Prime Bank National School Cricket tournament will be played in Twenty20 format.

* Matches will be completed by 12:30 pm to avoid the peak heat hours.

* Matches may start at 8:30 am if teams agree.

* Drinks breaks will be provided every 40 minutes.

* Ice, lemon juice, and water will be readily available.

* Ice-bath facilities will be provided where possible.

* Dressing rooms will have proper cooling facilities.

The tournament, which began in the early 1980s, is BCB's largest cricket competition and features 64 district teams competing at 14 venues across Bangladesh. The initial rounds will be knockouts, followed by a group stage for qualifiers before the semi-finals and final.

Despite the heatwave, the Dhaka Premier League, a one-day tournament, continues in the oppressive conditions. The Super League phase is ongoing, with the remaining matches expected to conclude in early May. These are the only domestic tournaments currently being played, as Ramadan falls during the cricket season in March.

The heatwave has had a significant impact on the country, with schools, colleges, and universities ordered to remain closed from April 21 to May 2. Temperatures have reached 45 degrees Celsius in some areas, including the capital Dhaka. Over 30 heat-related deaths have been reported, and hundreds have been hospitalized.

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