Irfan Pathan Defends Virat Kohli's Strike Rate, Calls Criticism 'Disappointing'

Irfan Pathan Defends Virat Kohli's Strike Rate, Calls Criticism 'Disappointing'

Virat Kohli's strike rate has been a topic of debate throughout IPL 2024, despite the fact that he is the tournament's leading run-scorer. While Kohli has consistently delivered for Royal Challengers Bangalore, his approach and run-scoring pace after the powerplay have drawn criticism from fans and experts alike.

Following another half-century in RCB's victory over Gujarat Titans, Kohli launched a fiery defense of his strike rate. Former India cricketer Irfan Pathan expressed disappointment over the ongoing discussion, emphasizing Kohli's status as a "big-match player" who consistently wins games.

"I don't understand where all the talks of strike rate come in. It actually disappoints me," Pathan said. "He's a big-match player. He always wins you games. And today look what he did. Look, it was a slow start. He played down the ground really well. He played the slog sweep really well as well. And this shot sweep shot. He doesn't play that much, but he played all around today, and that is why he's able to get that success."

Pathan also highlighted Kohli's impressive form as a positive sign for India ahead of the T20 World Cup 2024. He urged critics to consider Kohli's average in addition to his strike rate.

"It's good news for Virat Kohli, good news for RCB, but in long term, great news for Team India because you know a lot of chatter has been there around for Virat Kohli's strike rate and his form. You have to just make it strike-rate plus average. He's got an orange cap on his hand, 500 runs, outstanding," Pathan added.

Kohli's performance in IPL 2024 has silenced some of his critics, but the debate over his strike rate is likely to continue. However, Pathan's comments serve as a reminder of Kohli's match-winning abilities and the importance of considering his overall contribution to the team.

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