Dhoni's Batting Template Guides CSK's Death Bowling Practice

Dhoni's Batting Template Guides CSK's Death Bowling Practice

Chennai Super Kings' bowling consultant, Eric Simmons, has revealed that techniques that prove effective against former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni in training sessions also tend to work well in real-world scenarios. Dhoni, known for his exceptional batting skills, serves as the "batting template" for the team's death bowling practice.

In a recent match against the Mumbai Indians, Dhoni came to the crease for the final four balls of CSK's innings and smashed the first three for sixes, helping the team collect 26 runs off the last over. This late burst of form proved decisive as CSK defeated MI by 20 runs to secure the third spot in the IPL standings.

Simmons, a former bowling coach for India, explained that Dhoni's batting style has served as a model for CSK's attempts to test their bowling ability in the last overs. "His calmness at the wicket… we use him as a batting template when we're bowling at the death, the pre-season because he's so good at it. If we can test out our theories against him, then we know we're going to do well," he said.

Simmons also acknowledged that Dhoni has been struggling with a knee injury but has battled it bravely without showing any pain. "Everyone else is more interested in his injuries than he is. He's one of the hardest men I've ever come across. I don't even think we know to what extent he may or may not be in pain. He just carries on and does his thing," he said.

While Matheesha Pathirana (4/28) deserved the accolades for CSK's win, Simmons highlighted the contributions of Tushar Deshpande and Shardul Thakur as the "unsung heroes." He praised Shardul for bowling one of the best overs he had ever seen, with outstanding impact points.

Simmons also appealed for the wide rule to be defined further, claiming that the current laws are not specific enough. He believes that a clearer understanding of the wide rule would allow bowlers to use it more effectively and make the contest more even.

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