Sri Lanka Outraged by Controversial Umpiring Decision in Bangladesh T20I

Sri Lanka Outraged by Controversial Umpiring Decision in Bangladesh T20I

Sri Lanka's frustration boiled over in the second T20I against Bangladesh after a controversial decision by third umpire Masudur Rahman overturned an on-field call.

In the fourth over of Bangladesh's chase, opener Soumya Sarkar was adjudged out by umpire Sharfuddoula for edging a short delivery from Binura Fernando behind. Sarkar immediately reviewed the decision, but began walking off the field when the big screen displayed a clear spike on Ultra-edge.

However, Rahman ruled that the spike was not caused by bat on ball, claiming there was a "clear gap" between the bat and the ball when the spike appeared. While there was a slight misalignment, it is customary in such situations to give the batter out, attributing the discrepancy to calibration differences in the technology.

The lack of an alternative source for the spike further perplexed the Sri Lankan team. When Rahman communicated the overturned decision to the on-field umpire, Sri Lanka's players erupted in protest, surrounding Sharfuddoula and questioning the call. Coach Chris Silverwood also approached the fourth official to express his concerns.

Sarkar, who was on 14 at the time, eventually fell for 26 in the seventh over. The controversial decision left a sour taste in the Sri Lankan camp, who felt they had been unfairly denied a wicket.

The incident highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the use of technology in cricket. While Ultra-edge has been instrumental in reducing umpiring errors, it can also lead to contentious decisions when the evidence is inconclusive. In this case, the misalignment between the ball and the spike on Ultra-edge left room for interpretation, ultimately resulting in a decision that favored the batter.

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