Carlsen Predicts Nakamura or Caruana as Candidates Favorites

Carlsen Predicts Nakamura or Caruana as Candidates Favorites

Magnus Carlsen, the five-time world chess champion, has shared his insights on the upcoming Candidates tournament, which will determine his challenger for the next World Championship. In an interview on the Sjakksnakk podcast, Carlsen expressed his belief that Fabiano Caruana and Hikaru Nakamura are the strongest contenders to emerge victorious.

Carlsen highlighted the consistency and experience of Nakamura and Caruana, stating that they are the "best and most consistent players" in the field. He acknowledged the potential of rising stars like Alireza Firouzja, but emphasized that a victory for any of the other four participants (Gukesh, Praggnanandhaa, Vidit, Abasov) would be a major upset.

Regarding the World Championship match itself, Carlsen believes that Nakamura poses a significant threat to Ding Liren, the current challenger. He noted that Nakamura has historically performed well against Ding, while Ding has struggled against Caruana. However, Carlsen also emphasized that Ding's recent form has been impressive, and if he maintains that level of play, he could challenge either Nakamura or Caruana.

Carlsen also discussed his own absence from the World Championship cycle, stating that he has no immediate plans to return. He expressed contentment with his decision to step away and believes that it has been beneficial for his overall well-being.

On the topic of the younger generation of chess players, Carlsen expressed skepticism about whether any of them will surpass his own achievements. He acknowledged their potential but doubted that they would reach the same level of dominance that he has enjoyed.

Carlsen emphasized his continued love for the game, despite his reduced involvement in competitive chess. He enjoys playing casual online games and believes that taking breaks from major tournaments can be beneficial for his motivation.

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