7 cricket records that won't be broken anytime soon

"Records are made to be broken", true! but not all can be broken. Imagine someone breaking Sachin Tendulkar's record of 100 international centuries. Some records are just too good to be true; those can just be acknowledged but can not be shattered. Now, do you think any athlete will ever be able to break Usain Bolt's record of 9.69 seconds? Sounds impossible to us and a lot of scientists who recently studied his transcendent record. Like in any other sport, many cricketing records are next to impossible to be beaten. Let's have a look at it.

7 Unbreakable cricket records:

1) Sachin Tendulkar's 100 international centuries

This record by Sachin Tendulkar tops our list. No batter can even come close to this record, be it the Indian legend Virat Kohli itself. At one point, everyone was convinced that Virat Kohli might break this record, but it now looks like a long shot. Sachin Tendulkar scored 100 centuries in a total of 782 innings, a feat no cricketer can imagine achieving.
Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar raises his helmet in the air to celebrate scoring a century during the Tri-Nation Championship Trophy final One Day International (ODI) match between India and Sri Lanka at The R. Premadasa Stadium in Colombo on September 14, 2009. Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni won the toss and elected to bat first. AFP PHOTO/Lakruwan WANNIARACHCHI. (Photo credit should read LAKRUWAN WANNIARACHCHI/AFP via Getty Images)
Sachin Tendulkar's record came with time and pure dedication for the sport. The "God of Cricket" played the sport for 24 years and gave every inch of his soul to build record after record. Virat Kohli and Ricky Ponting are second on the list with 71 centuries each.

Most International centuries:

  • Sachin Tendulkar: 100
  • Virat Kohli: 71
  • Ricky Ponting: 71
  • Kumar Sangakkara: 63
  • Jacques Kallis: 62

2) Rohit Sharma's 264 vs Sri Lanka

Now, this is one of those records which comes once in a lifetime. Indian ace Rohit Sharma faced 173 balls, smashed a total of 42 boundaries, and amassed 264 individual runs in a one-day match; that's incredible.
Rohit Sharma looked like a beast on the pitch, and the Sri Lankan bowlers had no answers to his prowess that day. To spend an entire day on the pitch and get to this total is not something that happens regularly.

Highest ODI scores by an individual:

  1. Rohit Sharma (264) v Sri Lanka, 2014
  2. Martin Guptill (237*) v West Indies, 2015
  3. Virender Sehwag (219) v West Indies, 2011
  4. Chris Gayle (215) v Zimbabwe, 2015
  5. Fakhar Zaman (210*) v Zimbabwe, 2018
  6. Rohit Sharma (209) v Australia 2013
  7. Rohit Sharma (208*) v Sri Lanka 2017
  8. Sachin Tendulkar (200*) v South Africa 2010
  9. Charles Coventry (194*) v Bangladesh 2009

3) Sir Don Bradman’s 3-over century

It is said that the great Don Bradman once scored a 3-over century in a match between Lithgow and Blackheath in 1931. The report further reads that 32-year-old Sir Bradman scored 100 runs in a span of just 18 minutes. However, in 1931, a single over consisted of 8 deliveries. So this is how it happened.
The abovementioned match was being held in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales. Bill Black, a local bowler, came on to bowl for Lithgow. Bradman thrashed Bill Black for a total of 33 runs in the very specific over. The over read- 66424461. The Australian ace kept the strike in the next over as he took a single off Black's last ball. Horrie Baker was the new bowler for Lithgow. Don Bradman smashed Baker for a total of 40 runs (64466464). Black was bought into the action again as Bradman completed his century in that very specific over. Black went for 16611446 in his last over.

4) Rohit Sharma’s 3 ODI double hundreds

There are only 6 players in the history of cricket who have scored 200 or more runs in the ODI format. Rohit Sharma is the only player who has achieved this massive feat more than once. In fact, the Indian superstar has scored 200+ runs a total of 3 times in the one-day format.

It is an incredible achievement, and we don't think any player can break this record of Rohit in the coming future. Rohit Sharma has scored double hundreds against Australia and Sri Lanka (twice against the Lankans). Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Martin Guptill, Chris Gayle, and Fakhar Zaman are the other players to score double hundreds in ODI.

5) Wilfred Rhodes’ career spanning 30 years

Sachin Tendulkar is known for his longevity and admired for his ever-lasting form. However, one player has had a bigger career than Sachin Tendulkar. We are speaking about the English all-rounder Wilfred Rhodes who enjoyed a career of 30 years. Rhodes played around 1110 first-class games and scored 39969 runs, including 58 centuries. Rhodes also clinched a total of 4204 wickets in first-class cricket. Rhodes made his debut against Australia on 1st June 1899 and played his last game against West Indies on 3 April 1930.

6) Dr. Willian Grace becomes captain at the age of 50

Dr. William Gilbert Grace captained England at the age of 50, and we think this record is never going to get broken. Dr. Grace captained England against Australia at the age of 50. The modern-day cricketers consider retirement in their early 30s to forget captaining a side at the age of 50.
Dr. William Gilbert Grace has held this record since 1899, and it looks like it will be the same for centuries to come. Gubby Allen is the 2nd oldest captain in the history of cricket, who captained England against the West Indies in 1948. Gubby Allen was 45 years old at that time.

Oldest captains in cricket:

  1. WG Grace (50y 320d) England v Australia
  2. GOB Allen (45y 245d) England v West Indies
  3. WR Hammond (43y 279d) England v New Zealand
  4. W Bardsley (43y 233d) Australia v England
  5. Misbah-ul-Haq(42y 351d) Pakistan v West Indies

7) Bapu Nadkarni's 21 consecutive maiden overs

Indian spinner Rameshchandra Gangaram Nadkarni holds the record for bowling 21 maiden overs in a row. Rameshchandra Gangaram Nadkarni, who was also known as Bapu, achieved this feat against England on January 12, 1964, in Madras. No one has come close to this excellent spell by Bapu. He bowled 27 maidens out of his 32 overs in that specific spell against England. He allowed only 5 runs in his 32 overs. Bapu played a total of 41 Tests between the years 1955 and 1968, in which he took 88 wickets and scored 1414 runs. So, these were the top 7 cricket records which won't be broken anytime soon. Please let us know in the comments section which records besides the one listed above won't be beaten by any cricketer soon.

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